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Our Philosophy


Our PhilosophySpeech, language, swallowing, communication and cognitive skills are critical for quality of life

  • We work with clients to reduce limitations and maximize independence, productivity, confidence, self-esteem, participation and empowerment.

Each client is unique

  • We customize rehabilitation programs to fit individual needs.
  • We provide dynamic, client-centred, culturally-sensitive interventions integrated into meaningful life contexts.

Results matter

  • We keep current with the growing body of research and developments.
  • We use innovative and effective approaches and technology to help clients develop skills, implement useful strategies and maximize successful life participation.
  • We continuously evaluate our work.

We value collaboration and good communication

  • We work closely with other professionals to help achieve the best outcomes.
  • We strive to communicate clearly and effectively.

Professional contributions and support for the community are an integral part of what we provide

  • We participate extensively on committees and focus groups.
    • MCA has had representation on the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA) Auto Insurance Interest Group as well as OSLA’s Acquired Brain Injury Interest Group since their inceptions.
  • We share knowledge.
    • MCA has mentored speech-language pathology students and new graduates.
    • MCA presents at workshops, conferences and post-graduate S-LP clinical education courses.
    • MCA S-LP’s have written articles for professional journals and have published on their own research (e.g. ‘Errorless learning of functional life skills in an individual with three aetiologies of severe memory and executive function impairment’, Michelle Cohen, Mark Ylvisaker, Joanna Hamilton, Lisa Kemp, Barb Claiman, Published in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 20:3, 355-376, January 2010).
  • MCA has hosted MCA Education Days where clients and families have been both presenters and attendees. These education days are meant to inspire and educate, as well as provide opportunity to extend support networks.
  • MCA also holds membership in associations including the Ontario Rehab Alliance (ORA) and Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA).
  • MCA supports the ABI community through regular sponsorship of ABI conferences and events.

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