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Maximizing communication for life participation and social success

 When To Refer

referralStudies indicate that a high percentage of individuals who have an acquired brain injury will demonstrate some degree of communication disorder. Early assessment and intervention of cognitive-communication disorders is recommended following an ABI in order to maximize communication and learning for life participation and social success. Difficulties may be observed in many life areas, such as: succeeding in relationships, participating at home and in the community, managing at work and/or at school. While some deficits may be subtle, other challenges may be very obvious. Examples of difficulties with functional communication and thinking activities may include:

  • Getting along with friends and family
  • Following conversation one-on-one or in groups
  • Participating in groups
  • Finding the right words
  • Making inappropriate comments
  • Being verbose and tangential
  • Speaking very little
  • Getting to the point
  • Following instructions
  • Following movies and TV shows
  • Reading newspapers, books, school and work material
  • Writing emails, essays, messages
  • Forgetting details of conversations
  • Remembering information
  • Learning new information
  • Planning, reasoning, problem-solving and making decisions

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